How to Finish the Creative Projects You Start FREE Mini Course

As a creative individual, you must finish your projects if you expect to build a business, gain followers, or elevate your platform.

But finishing can be much more difficult than we think, which is why so many creative people have several unfinished projects languishing away in their desks or computers.

What would happen if you actually finished these project and got them out there?

You’d be amazed!

Hi, my name is Colleen M. Story, and for years, I struggled to finish even one major creative project.

The result was that my creative business—and my dreams—went nowhere. Then I learned the secrets to finishing, and after that, everything changed.

The key to a successful creative business is knowing how to finish project after project. The more work you get out there, the better your chances of getting noticed and building an audience.

Yet this is something we’re rarely taught. Sure, we know how to do a project for school or work, but that’s different. There, we have teachers and bosses checking on us.

With a creative project that’s all your own, there’s no one but you to make sure you do it… and that can cause all sorts of problems we’re not prepared for.

I want to help you learn the skills you need to take this final roadblock out of your way. The best part is you can get started on learning this skill completely FREE.

In this mini course you’ll learn:

The 5 essentials you must have to reach the finish line of any creative project, whether it’s a book, a composition, a new website, or a series of paintings.

#3 is particularly important if you hope to take your project all the way from beginning to end!

The 5 common mistakes non-finishers make—and how to avoid them! Some occur before you even start, and others tend to pop up along the way.

Knowing what these are before you start can save you a lot of headaches.

How to expand your thinking to reach your ultimate creative goals—and where many creatives get stuck in tunnel vision. Plus, learn some of the secrets to choosing the right project for your career goals!

The next step—how to bring your vision into the world.

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