How Writers Can Get More Creative with Hypnagogia


  1. Yeah, I love writing notes about my WIP when I first wake up. It’s such a creative time of the day!

    1. Author

      So true. My favorite time for ideas. :O)

  2. I have some amazing visual dreams that usually wake me at odd hours of the morning. Sometimes I remember them, but usually I forget. I’ll put a notebook and pen nearby to record when I awake enough to record. I’m usually dreaming of myself at work and being lost. Not sure what that would convey. I’m willing to nap and see if there’s any creative dreams I can remember to help resolve difficulties in life or what path I need to take.

    1. Author

      Dreams are always so fascinating aren’t they? But yes, usually hard to remember, whereas this technique should help keep the conscious brain more aware.

  3. Fascinating article!

    1. Author

      Thanks, Karen! :O)

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