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Decide to embrace your true identity as a writer:

Your Writing Matters!

How to Banish Self-Doubt, Trust Yourself, and Go the Distance

You could spend years wondering whether you’re meant to be a writer—or you could read this book.

You write day after day. You dream of bestseller’s lists and royalty checks. But despite your best marketing efforts, those dreams remain out of reach.

You start to wonder if you’re wasting your time. Does your writing even matter?

Yes, it’s tough out there, and you have a right to feel the way you do.

Society’s focus on money and fame doesn’t make it any easier. If you’re not producing results in the form of royalties and recognition, others may discount the value of your creations, making it difficult to get the support you need to keep going.

Everything changes once you make “the decision.”

In Your Writing Matters, author Colleen M. Story — a long-time professional writer and writing coach — will help you discover whether you truly have a writer’s DNA. She examines:

  • The scientific evidence behind the pressure you feel to make money with your work
  • The reasons why fame and notoriety are so attractive and discouraging
  • The myth of the most talented writers
  • Why book marketing can seem so exhausting
  • Why you feel you have to justify the time you spend writing

Step by step, you’ll gain a clear-eyed look at the challenges a writer faces in the outside world. You’ll also learn:

  • What hidden benefits writing may have in your life
  • Whether writing is part of your life’s purpose
  • When it’s best to leave writing behind

Every writer, somewhere along the way, grapples with the question of whether to continue on the writing journey. Don’t waste your precious time in indecision. Let Your Writing Matters guide you to your truth and you’ll never look back again.

What Readers are Saying

“I don’t know a single author who hasn’t experienced some form of doubt concerning the craft of writing. Whether a first-time author or you have dozens of books under your belt, worries and concerns creep into your brain from time to time. Your Writing Matters helps to quiet those doubts and encourages and inspires you to overcome any author challenges, or it may give you “permission” so-to-speak to realize the dream of authorship isn’t for you.

I enjoyed perusing the benefits of writing listed in chapter 12. And the strongest impacts on me were the questions in the ‘Dig Deeper Into Your Psyche’ and the ‘Your World Without Writing’ sections.

Overall, I found this book thought-provoking, helpful, and remarkably reassuring. If you’re a writer or have wondered if writing would be an artistic avenue you’d like to journey on, this book might boost your confidence and dispel most doubts that have probably held you back from progressing forward in the writing craft.”

~Cheryl, Hart Fiction (BookBub)

A friendly, encouraging companion for writers

This inspiring book helps writers confront one of the greatest challenges they will encounter, self-doubt, and offers lots of thoughtful advice on addressing this doubt, thinking through the benefits that writing can offer despite the challenges, and deciding whether or not to keep going. The book’s friendly, supportive voice–and its insights from a range of authors–will help writers feel less alone with their struggles. Also, it includes lots of engaging activities and self-questioning prompts, which encourage the kind of reflection that can help writers figure out next steps and break free of negative thought spirals.

~Small Press Picks, Amazon

“Great book! It really felt like Colleen was speaking directly to me as the book addressed all of the concerns I have about becoming a writer.
I would highly recommend that anyone looking to start writing as a career read this book 🙂”

~Caitlyn Loggins, Goodreads

“…Where the book was most stellar for me was in helping me get over the fact that fame and fortune are NOT a part of my life as a writer. Colleen helped me see that modern culture plays a part in my need for fame and that the realities of publishing impact my financial fortunes.

….As for me, I love to write and I’m going to keep at. No more twisting and torturing for me. I thank Colleen for teaching me this important lesson.”

~Lorie Kleiner Eckert, Bookbub

Dig In and Answer that Question Once and For All

I believe Colleen M. Story is psychic because she always comes out with a book just when I need it most. This latest work came at a time when I was asking myself the central question addressed therein: Does my writing matter? Am I just wasting my time? Should I give up and quit? What writer has not at one time struggled with self-doubt, wondering if she had the talent necessary to go on? (More on that talent question later). Story leads readers through these critical questions and more, providing her trademark neurological research findings to back up claims as well as providing helpful assessment quizzes and exercises for self-evaluation… (read more on Amazon)

~Lisa T, Amazon

Don’t put this book on the bookshelf…read it!

This book is amazing! It is thought provoking, motivating, and encourages you to seek and understand what motivates you. It doesn’t just fluff up and tell you that you are a good person, but gives you research and evidence into the things that might be holding you back and what you can do about them. I loved the exercises and questions at the end of each chapter for you to really contemplate what the chapter uncovered for you. While this is geared toward writers, I really believe that anyone with a bit of creativity ability in them would benefit from reading this…

~D. L., Amazon

I am giving Your Writing Matters: How to Banish Self-Doubt, Trust Yourself, and Go the Distance a very well deserved five plus stars. I highly recommend it for readers who are looking for tips and inspiration in their writing. They will gain so much by reading it. I am sure they will not regret it. I would love to see what other books by Colleen M Story has released or will release in the future.

~Amy Campbell, Locks, Hooks, and Books